Q: Where do I find the buttons of Contacts2Distribute.

A: "Contacts2Distribute" button is located in the "New" menu near the "New Contact" button and the "About Contacts2Distribute"  is located in the "Help" menu under "About Microsoft Outlook".

Q: I am having problems with the application. The buttons cannot be found in their regular Outlook. How do I solve this problem?

A: Try restarting Outlook and/or waiting until it is fully loaded. Also make sure that Contacts2Distribute is installed on your system or check if the buttons were moved to different spots.

Q: In the Subject screen I cannot click next.

A: Try moving the cursor around the form in order to achieve this. Otherwise, restart the application.

Q: My contacts are not being found.

A: Make sure that the contacts that you are using have a category, email address, and subject. If using the Custom Distribution List Work-Type, make sure that the folder you have selected is a Contacts Folder.

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